Moscow Ballet

Witness the definitive Russian Ballet experience!

  • In 2017 Moscow Ballet celebrated 25 years touring North America!
  • The Leading Independent Russian ballet company.
  • Setting the standard for artistic excellence, and box office success since 1993!
  • Acclaimed by the Press… Presents over 100 performances annually in North America Generates sell-outs consistently and 6-figure box office returns regularly.
    • “Expansive… brimful with feeling …. elegantly generous” by New York Times’ Chief Dance Critic Alastair Macaulay
    • “Bravura Expertise,” Lewis Segal, Los Angeles Times
    • Expressive and a Delight to Watch,” Sarah Kaufmann, Washington Post
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    Don’t miss the opportunity to book a Moscow Ballet performance featuring full-length ballet classics with world class dancers, inspiring choreography, gorgeous backdrops, and dazzling costumes.

    Moscow Ballet’s repertory includes the Great Russian Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Romeo and Juliet, Swan Lake, and Cinderella.

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As the leading internationally touring, independent Russian ballet company, Moscow Ballet has set the standard for artistic excellence and box office success. Called “Expansive… brimful with feeling …. elegantly generous” by New York Times’ Chief Dance Critic Alastair Macaulay, the company features multi-award winning artists and a company of forty Russian dancers.

With over 100 performances each year in North America, the Moscow-based company performs in major and secondary markets from coast to coast, generating 6-figure box office returns regularly. With a universally known brand name, Moscow Ballet is the only choice for classical Russian dance.

Performs in the Top 20 US Markets including New York City – Los Angeles – Chicago – Philly – DC – Boston – Dallas – St. Louis – Baltimore –Tampa and More

With Awarded Principal Dancers, a company of 40, 200 costumes, many backdrops and new props, Moscow Ballet is the only effective choice for classical Russian dance!

Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker Logo
Audiences love Moscow Ballet’s world famous Christmas production of the acclaimed Great Russian Nutcracker…Full to the brim with magical toys, falling snow, growing Christmas trees, and astounding Russian dancers!The whole family loves this quintessential Holiday Experience complete with 40 star-studded Russian artists performing Olympian feats in the Holiday classic seen by over 100 thousand annually. 2 hours with 20 minutes intermission

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swanlake logo
40 star-studded dancers perform Olympic-worthy leaps and more stunning moves in Moscow Ballet’s lavish Swan Lake. “Brimful with feeling” says the New York Times. Moscow Ballet’s traditional telling of the tragic Swan Lake story includes award-winning dancers, dramatic sets, and lavish costumes. An audience favorite, Moscow Ballet’s Swan Lake sells-out regularly. Book the authentic and classic Russian ballet with world-renowned dancers. 2 hours with 20 minutes intermission

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Moscow Ballet Romeo and Juliet
Moscow Ballet’s gorgeous production of Shakespeare’s classic love story premiered in 2011 with all new choreography by Ballet Master Andrei Litvinov. 150 sumptuous, ornate and historically accurate costumes and sets were hand-crafted by the masters in Moscow. The Moscow Ballet company is praised by the press, “Brimful with feeling” NY Times; “Partnered beautifully” Cleveland Plain Dealer; “When performed by masters like these, ballet seems effortless, elegant, and easy.” Twin Cities Daily Planet. The quintessential lovers perform with emotional depth and masterful technique and the company of 40 fills the stage with dramatic fight, town and ballroom scenes. 2 hours with 20 minutes intermission

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40 star-studded dancers perform Olympic-worthy leaps and lunges in Moscow Ballet’s lavish, heart-warming and funny Cinderella! A true family show, Moscow Ballet’s traditional telling of the beloved Cinderella story includes award-winning dancers, lavish costumes and great humor with men dancing as Step-mother and Ugly Step-sisters. Moscow Ballet’s Cinderella features Sergei Prokofiev’s classic score, and enchanting sets created by Valentin Federov, graduate of Moscow’s Stanislavsky Institute.  Unique to Moscow Ballet’s production is Federov’s larger-than-life puppet “Baba Yaga,” a mythological character found in the Russian Cinderella story Vasilisa the Brave. Moscow Ballet - “Breathtaking athleticism” Minneapolis-St Paul Pioneer Press. 2 hours with 20 minutes intermission

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Moscow Ballet's Sleeping Beauty
Moscow Ballet’s production of Sleeping Beauty showcases the 40 Russian dancers’ strength and charm. Acclaimed for its exquisite sets and sumptuous costumes which were created at the finest theatrical design shop in St Petersburg, Russia, Moscow Ballet’s classic and humorous production was taken from the original production choreographed by Marius Petipa for the Mariinsky Theatre in St Petersburg, Russia in 1890 with Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s score. “Sheer splendor and elegant dancing” states the Baltimore Sun. 

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