Talmi Entertainment creates solutions for merchandising Nutcracker properties. With over 25 years designing, creating, and selling top shelf collectibles for major global entertainment brands, Talmi Entertainment can deliver ancillary revenue streams for productions of any size. We tailor the project to the needs of the property and leverage our expertise and assets to provide you with what you need.


opps 1 Opportunities Talmi Entertainment will review prospective merchandising opportunities.

Vector Smart Object copy 2 2 Product Talmi Entertainment will design, source, prototype, order, and ship Nutcracker product lines to the USA for distribution.
Vector Smart Object copy 3 3 Sales Talmi Entertainment will provide merchandise directly to you, or act as a retailer to sell inventory on behalf of our partners. No risk to venue, turn-key merchandise operations are now available, contact us today!


Bring your merchandise to the next level.