Live Event Services
In addition to artist booking, Talmi Entertainment has a suite of turn-key services that can be leveraged by a diverse range of clients in the entertainment field. Services can be applied in combination or cherry picked for the right fit for your business. With deep knowledge in all aspects of live events, Talmi Entertainment is a one stop solution for all live event needs.

Integrated marketing campaigns
From coordinating media strategies and ad schedules to creative delivery, Talmi Entertainment can wholly facilitate or supplement A-Z marketing campaigns for live events or venues. Capabilities are scalable and tailored to the need.

Extensive hands on use of the newest technological tools in marketing and advertising put Talmi Entertainment squarely in the vanguard of marketing 2.0 tactics. We apply deep institutional knowledge of the performing arts to cutting edge digital ad technology in order to connect with the contemporary consumer.

Talmi Entertainment has executed sponsorship packages with Fortune 500 companies on behalf of the finest artists touring. A flexible model of value delivery and a willingness to try anything once combines to create a sponsorship engine that delivers for large and small events alike.

Event Production
Talmi Entertainment maintains an expert staff of production professionals that can facilitate national tours or make any corporate event a success. Years of in-the-field experience with a full range of facilities and production demands makes Talmi Entertainment a flexible partner in live event production.